Kiss Him, Not Me! -Review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any anime. I usually watch anime with some supernatural or magic in them. However, this time I wanted to watch something lighter, funnier, and with some hot guys. The only genre I could think of that might have any  of these things was… Reverse Harem. So I went online and started doing my research on Reverse Harem anime. I’ve already seen most of them and was hoping there was still a few that would interest me. Then BAM! I saw Kiss Him, Not Me! and had to watch it. 

What’s the anime about? 

The anime is about an Otaku girl named Serinuma who loves BL or Yaoi anime. She loves pairing boys together where ever she goes. Her favorite anime character is a guy named Shion. She spends most of her time inside her room playing games or watching anime. In the beginning of the anime she’s a little chubby but once her favorite anime character dies out she miraculously becomes slimmer. After spending a couple of days at home coping with Shion’s death, she finally decides to go back to school.  At school, all the boys are automatically drawn to Serinuma’s new transformation. Four guys: Nanashima, Mutsumi, Shinomiya, Igarashi and a girl, Nishina are competing to win Serinuma’s heart. At the end, Serinuma will have to choose one of the boys/girl to be her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Thoughts on the anime:

I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either. It was a nice light anime to watch when you need a good laugh. I like that they had a girl play the otaku and “pervert” role. I think this was what really brought the anime together and made it funny. I love Nishina and Serinuma’s relationship! It made me happy to see that Nishina was able to find a best friend that had the same interests as her especially because she was really struggling to fit in before. I felt bad for Shinomiya because he was just like the third wheel. I still don’t know what he could have offered in a relationship with Serinuma. Mutsumi and Nanashima are my two favorites. Mutsumi is such a sweet heart! He’s also pretty smart so bonus points. Nanashima comes off as a jerk but he’s actually really kind. He takes care of his sister and pushes his friends to do better. Igarashi was the one who started it all. At first he was more of the center of attention in the anime but he slowly became background. Like Shinomiya, I don’t know what he could offer Serinuma besides his nice body *wink wink.* 

Final thoughts:  

Yes, I did enjoy this anime and would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a light and funny reverse harem. This anime reminds me of The Wallflower. They’re both funny reverse harems. The boys in The Wallflower are trying to make the main character more girly. Both the main characters in these two animes are shut ins who don’t know how to cope with guys in real life. If you haven’t watch it yet I would recommend you watch The Wallflower! Especially if you liked Kiss Him, Not Me! 



One thought on “Kiss Him, Not Me! -Review

  1. Hey up and welcome to the ani-blogging world!! :D. Haven’t seen this particular anime, I do like your review though. It is quick to read and straight to the point. Keep up the posts!!!.


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