Magical Girl Raising Projects- Character Deaths


⚠ Warning ⚠  The following post contains spoilers!

Wow! I think most of us came into this anime expecting it to be a fun cute thing that we would easily watch and have a good time. If you finished this anime or got passed the first few introductory episodes then you know that we were mislead because what the truly fuck happened?

I read that there’s another anime similar to this one called madoka (I think). Well guess who might or might not just watch that anime? ME. I haven’t decided yet but I’m not in a hurry to have my heart and mind dragged out of my body again.

Quick summary:

Koyuki Himekawa and Souta Kishibe are close childhood friends who have always dreamt of being the magical girls in a game they played. Magical Girl Raising Project is a game in which the player creates a character that fits their personality and acquire magical powers to defeat their evil enemies. Years later and still playing the same game, Koyuki gets a surprise from Fav who is a familiar and admin of the game. Fav tells Koyuki that she has been choosen to be a magical girl. Koyuki then turns into her game character Snow White who is able to hear other people’s thoughts when in trouble. As a real magical girl, the player is made to gather candies by doing good deeds for other people who are in trouble. Snow White meets other fellow magical girls like La Purcell who just happens to be Souta,  Snow White`s childhood friend.  At first being a magical girl seemed like a nice fun thing until Fav (the familiar game admin) changes the rules on the game. He tells the fellow magical girls that there was a miscalculation and there’s more magical girls than there should be. In order to go back to the limit, the girls will have to fight to gain the most candies in the game. Those who have the lowest candies will drop out and quit being magical girls. What the girls dont know is that being dropped from the game means your death in real life. As the girls try to survive they discover betrayal from each other and learn the real meaning behind the creation of the game. They slowly turn on each other as pon changes the rules time after time causing the girls to re think their decisions.

Okay now let’s talk about some of the characters deaths and what not.

Snow White: This is the most frustrating character in the anime. She is also brought out to be the main character but her actions put her in the background. She is constantly running away and hiding behind others not wanting to come into terms with the destruction that’s going around her.  She cries and complains about what is wrong with everything in the game but doesn’t take action to fix it.

La Purcell: I liked that they included a guy to be a magical girl.  He was snow whites knight and close friend. His death was so unexpected and heart breaking. It left Snow White defenseless and depressed.

Sister Nana and Winterprison: They’re like an adult version of Snow White and La Purcell.  Sister Nana is such a kind character.  She tries to find the good in everyone and tries to help them. Winterprison is Nana`s defender and lover. It was so heart breaking that Winterprison died in front of Nana by Swim Swim. It’s even more heart breaking when Nana decides that she can’t live without her and hangs herself.  I liked that they included a relationship between two characters of the same sex.

Top Speed: This is one of those deaths that still gets to me. She was pregnant! Her background story made her death worse. She was a rebel when she was younger but she grew out of it and found someone to take care of (I’m a sucker for romance sorry). She was also like a big sister to Ripple.

Hardgore Alice: At first I thought she was going to be like Magicaloid. It’s kinda hard to tell if she’s a good or bad character because of her appearance. Her death still gets to me. She just wanted to help Snow White be a true magical girl. I blame Snow White again. If she would have tried to listen and stood her crying then she could have prevented it. It also kinda pisses me off how Snow White didn’t seem to affected with Alice’s death. (︺︹︺)

Swim Swim: Ugh this little murderous. I can’t believe she’s only like seven years old! Yet she was able to kill of a majority of fee characters. I understand that she looked up to Ruler and wanted to be like her but I still hate her a little. Her death wasn’t as sad as the rest but it still sucks that this little girl turned out to be like she did.

Tama, Minael & Yunael: I honestly didn’t care for Minael and Yunael. There deaths weren’t as big as Tamas. I can kinda relate to Tama. She just wants to fit in somewhere and be good at something. Yet when she finally does it she is betrayed and killed. Her death really pissed me off. She finally kills cranberry and Swim Swim decides to kill Tama just because she saw Swim Swims true identity! Tamas final word “Why”(。•́︿•̀。)(╥﹏╥). Yeah Swim Swim why did you have to kill the the last person that still had your back! She just wanted to be worthy of someone praise!

Ripple: I can also relate to this character because of the way that ripple isn’t a social person and looks like she’s mean mugging people but she’s actually a caring person.

The ending. First of all, what the heck. Why the heck does Snow White get to still live and even be offered the role of master!? She’s a coward. She doesn’t fully stand up for herself and instead decides to be a bystander in all of the chaos. I’m just glad that they finally killed Swim Swim although I would have liked it to have been at Snow Whites hands instead of Ripples. Maybe if Snow White has decided to join the fun sooner than Ripple wohkd still have her left arm and eye. I think this anime left me with more questions than anything else. Like how are they able to still be magical girls if the file was deleted and Fav was killed? Also,  what was the real use of that rabbit foot hardgore alice gave Snow White. It seems like a big deal but it’s use is never really present. It does glow at the end but I’m still confused about it.

My Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ I enjoyed this anime but just not the part where snow white runs away all the time and still ends up surviving with no damage. 

Sooooo… What did you guys think of this anime? What about the ending? I know I didn’t mention some of the other characters but they just weren’t that big to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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