My Top 5 Reverse Harems

After watching Kiss Him, Not Me!, I went on a search for more reverse harem anime that I haven’t seen yet. Then I got to thinking about all the ones I’ve already seen and decided to post my top 5 favorite. Now some of these I’ve seen a very long time ago so I don’t fully remember much about them because my memory is poop so please bare with me.


number 5 Fruits Basket


This is the very first anime I saw when I started to pursue the world of anime. I’m sure by now most of you have already seen this one since it’s a pretty old one. If you haven’t though, here’s a quick summary of Fruits Basket:

16 year old Tooru moves to live with her grandfather after her parents death but is unable to stay because her grandfathers house is being renovated. With no where else to go she ends up camping out in the woods until Yuki Souma and his cousin Shigure Souma find her and decide to let her stay with them. Yuki Souma is the popular handsome “prince” of the school but he’s never seen with a girl. Tooru soon finds out that Yuki Souma is not your average school boy. The souma family has a secret that if any girl hugs them they turn into their zodiac sign. Yuki’s zodiac sign is the rat. His rival sign is the cat which belongs to Kyou Souma. Where Yuki is the sweet and caring type, Kyou is rude and stubborn. Tooru takes a liking to Kyou because of his zodiac sign and soon Kyou starts becoming a little more caring.

I watched Fruits Basket in English dub because I hated to read subtitles back then. It was a slow paced anime but I enjoyed it mostly because it was sweet and it made me cry at the end. I liked seeing how Kyou’s character changes for the better because of Tooru. Now that I look back at it, the whole not being able to get a girl to hug you because you turn into a zodiac sign sounds a little ridiculous but that’s just me.

I would totally recommend this anime to anyone who likes slow paces, sweet, and wants to cry. I’m sure this will do the trick.

number 4The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)


I can’t help but smile when I remember The Wallflower. It is just such a funny anime. I’m glad I ended up spending time to search for reverse harem anime because most pages didn’t mention this one. Quick summary:

Sunako Nakahara is a shut in who enjoys anything horror. She dresses like a goth and doesn’t like things that are beautiful otherwise she gets a nose bleed. This is all due to an incident she had where she was called ugly by her crush. Sunako’s aunt becomes worried for her and makes it her mission to change Sunako. Her aunt makes an offer to four beautiful guys who are living in her mansion that if they’re able to turn Sunako into a beautiful women then they could live in the mansion for free. Kyohei Takano, Ranmaru Morii, Takenaga Oda, and Yuki Tomaya take on the challenge and go live with Sunako but they soon realized that their mission wasn’t as easy as they thought.

I  really enjoyed this anime because of the comedy aspect. I love Sunako’s hilarious character. In the beginning the anime is all about that comedy aspect but it soon becomes serious at the end when Sunako ends up giving in and starts to accept herself and everything that’s beautiful. I liked the message this anime sends; we shouldn’t let others opinion bring us down. Like I said before, I totally recommend this anime! It is very similar to Kiss Him, Not Me! but I prefer this one more than Kiss Him, Not Me! Not going to lie, the anime did make me cry a little at the end.

number 3La storia della Arcana Famiglia


Now this anime is more of an action and comedy reverse harem rather than slice of life and romance like the others. So if you don’t want to cry or say “aww!” then this is the anime for you.

The story follows an Italian mob family called Arcana Famiglia who serve as protectors for their community. The’re not your average mob family though. Each member has a contract with a tarot card who gives them special abilities like time control, invisibility and so on. Mando, the leader a.k.a “papa” will retire soon and announces the Arcana Duello, a competition that, if won, will grant the winner the title of Papa and any wish they desire. As a bonus, who ever wins will have the honor or marrying his daughter Felicita. Felicita becomes angry and decides to enter the competition in hopes that she wins and therefore doesn’t have to marry.

I really enjoyed this anime. It was full of action and mystery plus it had some interesting cute guys in it. I was really looking forward for a second season but they sadly never made one. I think they have a game for this anime but I have’t been able to confirm.

number 2 Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)


Oh Kamisama Kiss! I’m pretty sure everyone has at least heard of this one. If not here’s a quick summary:

Nanami Momozono finds herself homeless after everything was taken away because of her father’s death. While sitting in a bench summerged in her thoughts, she sees a man being harassed by a dog and she goes over to help him. After telling him her situation, the man known as Mikage invites her to live in his place as long as she takes care of it since he would have to be away for a while. Nanami kindly accepts but finds out that her new home is actually a shrine and she has now become the new “god” upon Mikage’s leave. Tomoe, Mikage’s familiar,  becomes upset and refuses to accept to serve a human. However, Tomoe soon ends up bind to Nanami in a contract and now they have to work together. Despite Tomoe’s cold exterior, Nanami still finds herself slowly falling for Tomoe.

I love this anime! It has some action, comedy, cute guy characters, romance, and it sometimes makes you cry. Everything you could possibly want this anime has. So go watch it now! There are two season and an extended final OVA. Sadly there won’t be a third season which many fans are angry about and rightly so. From what I’ve heard, the manga is still unfinished and doesn’t seem like it will change. There’s so much I want to say about this anime but it all contains spoilers and don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watch it and wants to. Just go check it out on your own!

number 1Yona Of The Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona)


As of now, Yona Of The Dawn is by far my favorite anime. It has comedy, romance, action, and its historical. Here’s a quick summary:

Yona is the princess of Kouka. She has been sheltered all her life with the belief that her kingdom Kouka is perfect. She lives a life of luxury and ease but it is soon takes away when her father is murdered by her distant cousin and crush Su-Won. Unable to stay in her kingdom because she is now being pursued by Su-Wons army, she leaves everything behind along with her friend and bodyguard Hak. As they travel around different kingdoms, Yona realizes that everything wasn’t as perfect as she was made to think. There’s also a legend that speaks of a red dragon and his dragon warriors. It is said that the red dragon has been  reincarnated. Soon it  is revealed that Yona is the reincarnation of the red dragon and she must find her dragon warriors and bring them together in order to protect all kingdoms and their people.

What I really liked about this anime was Yona’s character and how it changed for the better after her  fathers death. She goes out of her way to help other kingdoms who are suffering from one thing or the other. I really recommend everyone to watch this one. There is some romance but the story doesn’t entirely focus on this. It’s more of figuring out why Su-Won did what he did and solving other kingdoms problems. There’s also a good amount of fighting scenes. Oh and the other dragons are good looking (;


Let me know if you have watched any of these and what you think about them! Remember, this is only MY personal top 5 favorite so if you don’t agree with my list that’s fine (: Let me know what your top 5 favorites are and if I haven’t seen them I might give them a try.



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