Masume-Kun no Revenge – Review

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t found a good anime to watch. I saw Masume-Kun no Revenge after watching Kiss Him, Not Me! but forgot to post a review for it so here it is.

Quick Summary: 

After being called “piggy” from the girl he liked when he was a child, Masamune decided to get revenge on her. He transformed himself into a good looking guy and has made it his mission to have Aki Adagaki fall in love with him just to reject her at the end. However, he still has some hidden feelings for her and can’t help but want to actually be a loving couple with her. He ends up enlisting Akis maids help, Yoshino Koiwai, in order to help him complete his mission. Still, Masamune still questions if he’s doing the right thing or if he should just forget about his revenge and just confront what happened when he was little.

My Thoughts: 

Okay, in the beginning this anime was light and funny but towards the end it was just a little repetitive and confusing. They would show some scenes where they would reveal Aki’s point of view of what happened when they were younger. All they did was just confuse me more. Can we talk about that cliffhanger for a second? WHAT!? I hate how the anime ended. It wasn’t a proper cliffhanger! It just ended out of nowhere like what?? How was that a proper way to end the first season?? So back to the characters…. My favorite character was Yoshino; shes just so cute and funny! I didn’t really like Aki. I mean, I understand her character; shes just trying to hide behind a wall and so she comes off as a bitch. The whole rejecting guys and giving them a nickname wasn’t as funny to me. It was just dumb. But I get it. She was just trying to exploit them and that’s the only way she knew how. I guess she just doesn’t know how to show her true feelings so she attacks instead. I also liked Neko Fujinomiya. She’s just a nice down to earth person. I really think Masamune should have dated her, it would have been a perfect revenge for Aki!

Final Thoughts: 

Honestly, if I had to rate this anime I would rate it a 3/5 because I ended up losing interest in the middle of the first season. I only kept watching because I wanted to figure out what actually happened in Masamune’s childhood plus the anime was a little funny. So do I recommend it? Well not really. But if you do watch it definitely tell me what you think of it! I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea. 



3 thoughts on “Masume-Kun no Revenge – Review

  1. Same here, dropped it around epi 3. It was just so avg. And what this show did, others have done it before and even better. Also can’t believe this got more attention than kuzu no honkai because certain viewers only understood one aspect of how romance works!.

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