Watch Along: Fukumenkei Noise – EP 3

Before you keep reading know that there will be spoilers for this anime. So if you don’t like spoilers please don’t read. I added spoiler warning before the spoilers just in case. Otherwise continue reading! (:

Okay guys, I have a thing about waiting until the new anime are done airing to finally binge watch them. BUT, I just couldn’t help myself! There are some great new anime for this spring season. Fukumenkei Noise is one of my favorites so far. I like watching musical arts anime because I end up with a ton new songs downloaded into my anime playlist. 

The story line really attracted me. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a romance anime and this one sounded perfect because it had music and some comedy aspects. That front anime cover was also attention grabbing! I am already so invested in the characters and the story and this is exactly why I always wait to binge watch when the episodes finish airing. Now I have to wait every Tuesday at noon to watch a new episode of Fukumenkei Noise. I wish there were some way I could just forward time so all the episodes could be out but then I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to on Tuesdays. 

First, quick summary: 

Nino loves to sing. When she was younger she and her next door neighbor Momo would sing together but he soon move out and Nino never saw him again. She then meets Yuzu who composes music. He would compose music and Nino would sing it to him but he too left and didn’t come back. She made a promise to both of them that she would continue to sing so her voice could reach both of them and they could find each other someday.  Now they’re all in high school and Nino hopes to reunite with them and be able to sing with them once more. 

Thoughts on episode 3: 

I was hoping that Nino or “Alice” would end up meeting Momo. I mean come on! The ending to episode two looked like it would happen soon! SPOILER- I wonder why Momo says that having Nino around would make him stop composing. Wouldn’t it be the opposite way just like what is happening to Yuzu? -END OF SPOILER.  I’m also wondering if the “In NO Hurry” band will soon be Nino and the school band. They look exactly the same! What’s that all about? Another thing that bugles me is the ending to this third episode, SPOILER- Where Nino finds out why Yuzu never came back. Then Yuzu explains what happened and he tells Nino that he wants her to keep singing his music but then Nino says she wont and runs from him. I don’t get what happened! Is she afraid that he’ll get sick again?? -END OF SPOILER. 

Let’s take a second to talk about the music aspect of this anime.. WOW!!! I loved the music they use. It could also be that I just really enjoy rock music and since the music in this anime is mostly rock then it automatically became my favorite. I have already downloaded the music on to my phone. Here is the link I used in case you are wanting to download it: Just click on the “descargar 2” and then click on “browser download” the item is a rar file so you have to have a rar or zip extracter.  I use WinZip. 

As you have already seen. There’s no Episode one or two. This is mostly because I binged watched all three episodes together. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you still have yet to start on this anime I really suggest you jump on the train! Especially if you like musical arts anime and rock music. I’ll be reviewing each episode as it comes so make sure to tune in to those! Let me know what you think of this anime so far if you’re watching along with me. Also, If you have any other favorite anime like this please send those recommendations my way! 



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