Watch Along: Fukumenkei Noise – EP 4

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Before you keep reading know that there will be spoilers for this anime. So if you don’t like spoilers please don’t read. This is intended for those who are watching the anime at the same time as myself in order to spark conversation and answer questions regarding this anime. 

Where to start with this! I think I left this episode more confused than before. Yuzu is basically the lead singer in In No Hurry to Shout! So that means that his school band is the INHTS (short for In NO Hurry to Shout) band? Where does Momo come into this? I thought he was the one directing this band? Or is Momo’s band completely different from this? This is what has been confusing me ever since watching the episode. I don’t know where Momo comes into the whole In No Hurry to Shout band. 

I’m super excited to see Alice finally join the band and hear her sing all of Yuzu’s songs. I really enjoy all the songs they play in this anime because it makes it feel like your in a real life concert. I wonder if Alice will stop wearing that mouth piece once Momo accepts her. After all, the only reason she wears it is due because her voice couldn’t reach Momo and as a consequence she refused to sing. 

Another question I have is… How did Momo and Yuzu meet? They usually show Momo and Yuzu talking on the sub station. They act like they’re friends but doesn’t Yuzu know that this  guy is the Momo Alice likes? I have so many questions! I hope I get an answer to these questions in the next few episodes. This anime is by far my favorite of this spring season I can’t recommend it enough. 



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