SAO: Ordinal Scale & Your Name

Recently I’ve been on a hunt for anime movies playing at my local theater. The first movie my brother mentioned  was Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Then my good guy friend, recommended we watch Your Name before it stopped playing.

I was somewhat excited for the SAO movie but I had no clue what Your Name was. My brother came into my room and asked “Do you know your name?” “HUH?” Of course I know my name! He meant the movie though. So onto our movie trip we went.


SAO: Ordinal Scale Thoughts: 

I gotta be honest, I didn’t think much of the SAO movie at first. I thought it was going to be a little boring…I was so wrong. For those who don’t know what Ordinal Scale is about let me give you a quick rundown. 

There’s a new virtual reality gadget going around but it isn’t virtual reality… it’s called augmented reality. VR (Virtual Reality) is where you put on this head gadget and your mind is taken to that virtual place while your physical body stays behind. In AR (Augmented reality) everything happens in the real world. Instead of you going into this fantasy world, that fantasy world comes to you in real time. Anyways, everyone is buying this new AR gadget. It’s suppose to be safer than VR or so they advertise. There’s a popular game that is being played in AR where for a certain day and time all these monsters will come out and you can fight them in order to receive a tremendous amount of points. Plus Yuna, the games mascot, always shows up and sings to the audience. Kirito of course doesn’t care much for this game especially since he seems not to be too good at it. Ausna however,  really enjoys it and will go every time there’s a monster appearance. Soon things start going wrong and the old SAO’s bosses keep reappearing. It also seems like the SAO players are being targeted and are somehow losing their memories of SAO whenever they die in the game. This is what soon happens to Asuna after she gets in the way to save her friend from being attacked. Kirito is now on the case and figuring out why SAO monsters are showing up and how players are losing their memory of SAO. Eiji, an old SAO and guild member, is the prime suspect of everything occurring. Now it’s up to Kirito to figure out what’s going on and why. 

Ordinal scale was extremely entertaining and good! I really enjoyed the concept of the new AR gadget. I ended up watching  the film in English dub. I usually watch anime in English sub so I was a little hesitant on watching this film. I find that I don’t quite like it when they dub it. It just doesn’t sound original to me and it doesn’t go well with the anime. However, the English  dub to ordinal scale wasn’t bad. The only moments I cringed was when Yui would call Kirito and Asuna “Daddy, Mommy.” That will always be cringe to me no matter what language I hear it in. I don’t want to go into too much detail just so I don’t spoil it to anyone who might be reading. I really recommend everyone to watch the film! Okay…I will spoil this because I feel like everyone should know… at the end of the film they show a scene and it ends with “Sword Art Online will return.” From the after credit scene and this little blurb, one can only speculate that there’s a third season on the way really soon. 

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Your Name Thoughts: 

Now onto the movie “your name.” I came into this movie not knowing anything about it. I honestly didn’t want to go see it since I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. My friend only said that it’s super good and I had to go see it. After my brother and his friend convinced me, I ordered the tickets and we headed out to the theater. I was expecting it to be a thriller and supernatural movie kind of like the anime “Another.” I didn’t know it was going to be a romance movie that was going to make my ice heart melt. 

Here’s my rundown on what this movie is about:

After her mothers death, Mitsuha just wants to get out of the town life she lives and move to Tokyo to make something out of herself. One day she randomly wakes up and feels like she’s been dreaming about being someone else. It doesn’t make any sense especially after her friends confirm that Mitsuha has been acting weird recently. She soon finds out that she’s been switching bodies with a male highschooler in Tokyo at random. In order for this random switching to work, Mitsuha and Taki leave notes behind on their phone and set rules for what to do and not to do. Slowly their bond keeps growing and they both want more that what is offered. They want a chance to meet each other despite the distance. However, the distance is not the  only problem they have it’s Time. 

I’m going to be real honest here.. I am still confused as to what happened in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, this movie was really good and it made me cry but I just don’t know what was going on after Taki (spoiler) discovers that he had met Mitsuha three years before the comet hit Mitsuha’s home (end spoiler). If anyone has already seen this movie and got what happened please explain it to me. I’m just glad that it had a somewhat happy ending. Totally recommend this movie to anyone who wants to cry. 



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