Parasyte ★ Review

After scrolling through Facebook, I came across an intriguing clip of this anime that made me want to binge watch it. I’ve heard of this anime before but wasn’t too hooked on the story. I was reading the comments left on the Parasyte clip and people were praising it for being the anime that inspired Tokyo Ghoul even going as far as saying that it was better than Tokyo Ghoul. Now one thing to know about me is that Tokyo Ghoul is one of my top five favorite anime. These comments saying such things sealed the deal and I found myself watching Parasyte that same day.

Quick Summary: 

Aliens are real and they come in the form of parasites that burrow into human brains to take their bodies as host. They are able to morph into other people making it easier for them to escape and live while eating unsuspecting humans. 

While asleep, Shinichi Izumi sees a small snake-like parasite that burrows into his hand. In an attempt to get the parasite to leave his hand he wraps his arm with a cable to stop the parasite from going into his body any further. The parasite known as Migi is unable to move into his brain and has no choice but to stay in Shinichi’s right hand. 

After coming to terms with what happened and realizing that it was not a nightmare, Shinichi and Migi form a strange friendship in order to coexist with each other. They come across other parasytes far too dangerous and have to come together to defeat them all while Shinichi struggles to keep Migi a secret and protect those he loves. 

My thoughts:

The anime starts out right away with the aliens coming to earth and Migi burrowing into Shinichi’s right hand. I have to say that the parasites out of their human host look like tiny translucent innocent worms but once they are on their host they look really gross. Before I go on though I need to admit that I was actually kinda apprehensive of actually watching this anime because it just looked like it would be too gory and scary, two things I don’t really like. However the clip I mentioned watching did not show Migi or any of the other parasites. 

I am a little disappointed in this anime. I was expecting this big action packed anime with people dying and trying to solve this huge alien mystery with great fights. It was none of that. This anime was more subtle about all these things. It felt like I was watching some tragic love story where aliens were involved.  Shinichi finally goes out with Murano although it’s not officially said in the anime. Sadly though because Shinichi can’t tell Murano about Migi without getting her deeply involved in something dangerous, their relationship starts going downhill.  

There’s plenty of sad scenes but little to no truly happy scenes in this anime until the very end where things are somewhat over. I need to ask… What the heck happened to Shinichi’s glasses? I’m guessing he doesn’t need them anymore since he got a really good sight from Migi but him wearing glasses happens so quickly that I don’t even notice until Murano starts questioning if Shinichi is really who he says he is. 

Can we also talk about that ending? It had me a little confused and it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for. (following sentences may contain spoilers of the ending). Migi had said that he would be going on an endless sleep so doesn’t that mean that Shinichi would be back to his weak normal state? Also, how could Migi have been able to help save Murano if he was already gone?  I honestly wasn’t able to understand what was going on during the last minutes of the last episode. 

Anyways… This was definitely not a favorite. I did enjoy it for the most part but I was not prepared for sad and tragic. I wanted badass action and mystery but oh well. So on that note, I will have to disagree with those comments who said Parasyte was better than Tokyo Ghoul. Sorry guys but Tokyo Ghoul will always be a top favorite for me plus I love the opening “Unravel” song.

Let me know what you thought of this anime if you’ve already seen it. How does it compare to Tokyo Ghoul or other similar anime? 




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