Recovery of an MMO Junkie ★ REVIEW


recovery of an mmo junky postcard

Hello guys! Welcome back to another anime review 😛 When I heard that there was another anime somewhat similar to Sword Art Online I said, “I HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!” So here I am finally done with the anime and I’m a little disappointed with how it ended. As you can see there’s a trend going on in my reviews where some of the recent anime I’ve been watching have left me a little down with their ending. 

This was such a nice laid back anime. Ever since SAO I’ve been in love with MMO themed anime. like log horizon, accel world, etc.  what I love about this anime was that the characters are older and relatable.

The two main characters in this anime are Moriko Morioka and  Yuuta Sakurai. Moriko is a 30-year-old woman who has been working in an office for about 11 years. She’s shy, kind, and anti-social. Those at work easily take advantage of her kindness by asking her to take over their work knowing that Moriko will never say no. Moriko finally quits her job and starts passing her time by playing games (she’s secretly an otaku!) She ends up joining Fruit’s de Mer and chooses a male character instead of the usual girl character she goes with. Moriko is able to make friends online and encounters some people in real life. 

I personally relate to Moriko so much. Just like her, I am anti-social and I always find it hard to say no to people. Plus I’m also kind of an otaku like her 😛 I’m glad that she was able to get out of her shell a little to make friends in real life. I still have yet to get out there myself. 

Yuuta Sakurai is also working at an office. I think he works at the same company but different branch as Moriko. I could be wrong though. He is 28 years old, handsome, kind, shy, and also an otaku. He has a chance encounter with Moriko at a convenience store and that’s where things really start for both of them. I can’t really say much about him without giving away what happens in the story. I’m already probably spoiling things for yall (sorry). However, I will say that Yuuta has officially become one of my anime boyfriends. 

Overall the anime was really laid back and a nice MMO anime that included older characters. Having older characters is what really attracted me to this anime. I’m already in my early twenties and so I’m starting to gear towards more mature anime and the like. It’s also kinda cool to see that age doesn’t really matter when it comes to who can play games and watch anime. Like I mentioned earlier, the ending for this anime was somewhat of a letdown. I feel like the writers could have made it more exciting but the way it was ended left more to be desired. It just felt like a big open-ended question of “Was that really it?” Despite that I still enjoyed it and I think you guys should watch it if you don’t have anything to watch. I will warn you though that this anime starts off slow but builds up towards the third episode. 

The following will contain spoilers:

I’m not going to lie, I cried big time when the secret of who Lily really was came out.  It’s just heartwarming to see how Moriko and Yuuta’s paths cross again in the game and in real life. I loved watching them go on this journey together of going out of their shells to find both friendship and love. 

Before I even get to explain why the ending was disappointing let me explain another let down from this anime. Like I mentioned before, I liked how this anime featured older characters and you would think that because the characters are more mature then the anime as a whole would be a little more mature but it really wasn’t. I get that Moriko is a little shy and shes slowly coming out of her shell in order to go on this experience with Yuuta but throughout the anime, the only big thing they do is hold hands. Them holding hands happens around the last 2-3 episodes. After all the build-up of having them finally go on dates and ending as a couple, I thought that maybe just maybe they would finally kiss…they don’t.

I could argue and say that because they are older, they perhaps don’t have that necessity to constantly show affection in front of others like an adolescent would. Still, I wish they could have sneaked in a kiss or two towards the end. So why didn’t I like the ending? because they didn’t kiss and it was just lacking. The ending just didn’t feel like it ending it felt like the story was just getting started.




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