Parasyte ★ Review

After scrolling through Facebook, I came across an intriguing clip of this anime that made me want to binge watch it. I’ve heard of this anime before but wasn’t too hooked on the story. I was reading the comments left on the Parasyte clip and people were praising it for being the anime that inspired Tokyo Ghoul even going as far as saying that it was better than Tokyo Ghoul. Now one thing to know about me is that Tokyo Ghoul is one of my top five favorite anime. These comments saying such things sealed the deal and I found myself watching Parasyte that same day.

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Masume-Kun no Revenge – Review

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t found a good anime to watch. I saw Masume-Kun no Revenge after watching Kiss Him, Not Me! but forgot to post a review for it so here it is.

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Kiss Him, Not Me! -Review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any anime. I usually watch anime with some supernatural or magic in them. However, this time I wanted to watch something lighter, funnier, and with some hot guys. The only genre I could think of that might have any  of these things was… Reverse Harem. So I went online and started doing my research on Reverse Harem anime. I’ve already seen most of them and was hoping there was still a few that would interest me. Then BAM! I saw Kiss Him, Not Me! and had to watch it. 

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