Seven Deadly Sins・Review

oh gosh. It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to watch some anime. I just haven’t had any luck finding anime that I enjoy lately. My problem has been fixed though! A while back when I was getting anime crates from loot crate, I received a box that contained the first volume of The Seven Deadly Sins. The characters looked a bit old and I ended up giving the manga to my brother for him to read instead since it just didn’t seem like it would be something I liked. He ended up reading the first volume and then went ahead and watched the anime. He would talk about how good of an anime The Seven Deadly Sins was but I just ignored him. Until the day I finally got Netflix and saw that they had the anime. I decided to just go ahead and watch it so I ended up rounding my other two younger brothers and we watched it in the living room. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it but as the episodes went on I ended up being completely intrigued by it!

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Watch Along: Fukumenkei Noise – EP 3

Before you keep reading know that there will be spoilers for this anime. So if you don’t like spoilers please don’t read. I added spoiler warning before the spoilers just in case. Otherwise continue reading! (:

Okay guys, I have a thing about waiting until the new anime are done airing to finally binge watch them. BUT, I just couldn’t help myself! There are some great new anime for this spring season. Fukumenkei Noise is one of my favorites so far. I like watching musical arts anime because I end up with a ton new songs downloaded into my anime playlist. 

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My Top 5 Reverse Harems

After watching Kiss Him, Not Me!, I went on a search for more reverse harem anime that I haven’t seen yet. Then I got to thinking about all the ones I’ve already seen and decided to post my top 5 favorite. Now some of these I’ve seen a very long time ago so I don’t fully remember much about them because my memory is poop so please bare with me.

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