My Top 5 Reverse Harems

After watching Kiss Him, Not Me!, I went on a search for more reverse harem anime that I haven’t seen yet. Then I got to thinking about all the ones I’ve already seen and decided to post my top 5 favorite. Now some of these I’ve seen a very long time ago so I don’t fully remember much about them because my memory is poop so please bare with me.

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Kiss Him, Not Me! -Review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any anime. I usually watch anime with some supernatural or magic in them. However, this time I wanted to watch something lighter, funnier, and with some hot guys. The only genre I could think of that might have any  of these things was… Reverse Harem. So I went online and started doing my research on Reverse Harem anime. I’ve already seen most of them and was hoping there was still a few that would interest me. Then BAM! I saw Kiss Him, Not Me! and had to watch it. 

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